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Boluo freight logistics companies with the police cracked car was robbery
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Today I Boluo from Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau was informed that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade together with the detection of loss of value of more than 40 million truck consignments logistics companies are robbery, the suspect Huangmou Yi, Huang Mouqing (both Fujian man) caught and brought to justice, and return part of the victim was robbed of cigarettes. According to reports, the morning of May 25 10 am, Boluo iron field Huidong County Public Security Bureau police station received a transfer of a case Dalingshan police station, reflecting the May 20 evening, the victim opened a Yu Mou and Humou large trucks passing through Wu Tong Da Ling Shan Town, Huidong County, high-speed flyover when he was a gang of men armed robbery, robbed of large trucks, container semi-trailer, a group of goods, two mobile phones and 6,000 yuan in cash, a total value of the loss of 40 million, was abandoned after the two junctions to Yongning ShiWan Town. May 21, Thailand and the United States found in the police station was robbed in the area of large trucks, container semi-trailer and one of the phone. Take the case, the Public Security Bureau Boluo leadership attaches great importance to the rapid establishment of the Criminal Investigation Brigade as the main force of the task force to carry out investigation on the case, and to allocate special funds for handling the case, and the pursuit funding. Task force set up, went to Huidong County, Heyuan City, Dongguan City, Shenzhen City to carry out investigations, in particular the discovery of a suspect may appear in Shenzhen, the task force and from the Borowski has five times, to carry out Shenzhen Mocha Escaped. December 9, in the Bureau of Huizhou City Public Security Bureau with the support of the business sector, the panel control to detect the perpetrators of the case in which two suspects hiding in Shenzhen. The assistance of the police in Shenzhen, December 10, the panel Longhua in Shenzhen, the two towns will Huangmou Yi, Gong Ming, Huang Mouqing captured, and return the victim was robbed of part of the cigarette. Under questioning, together with the two suspects on "Huang" (at large) and other criminal suspects on a highway in Guangdong Guang-Hui truck brand B confessed to the crime to commit robbery. The case is under further investigation and pursuit of.
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