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Competing lines of a suspect being thwarted by logistics company Zhuzhou inciden
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Lusong markets around the base of the business, together with hundreds of Thai regional logistics companies, logistics companies each have their own line, a line is a "way of getting money." May compete for this "getting money" on the day before yesterday afternoon, a logistics company in Thailand together was thwarted, a 70-year-old injured in thwarted. Yesterday morning, was wounded lying in the elderly Liu Shangqing City Chinese Manipulation hospital bed, suffered multiple soft tissue contusion. He said: "I was sitting in the entrance facade, suddenly rushed to a lot of people, including seven or eight people rushed into the sub shop, hand swords and sticks, cut goods, also punched me, kicked me My legs also endured a bar ... ... " Yuan Hua Yuan Liu logistics company, his son, opened the ball. LIU Yuan-Ball said: "At the time I was told that a lot of people stick the knife and rushed towards me to, I quickly went into hiding. Beating people and the day side is a logistics company, they forced a line to run with my partner, I do not agree. " Subsequently, the reporters came and day logistics company, found that only two advertising light boxes, there is no facade. Advertising light box that says "Zhuzhou - Liuzhou" character, only the day before the opening of the company. Owner of a nearby logistics company, said: "Although the sign and the day logistics company placed in front of me, and I do not have any relationship." And one-day logistics company, shareholders, Yang said: "I absolutely do not call people to break down the facade, and that group of people I do not know. At that time we only went to 3 people, about some Yuan Liu balls to kill him before why he said me. behind the people I really do not know where. " The company did not apply for business licenses, Yang said the company had just opened, she would run procedures. It is reported that officers smashed into the shop because the power off, the store is not thwarted by the store surveillance video images, only after mass crowd scenes. Hetang District staff on the relevant police station, said Tong: Hawthorn Public Security Bureau is investigating the matter.
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