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cces logistics companies in the Prudential poor attitude
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CCES Cheng logistics companies in the poor service attitude, a very, very evil little Yesterday morning, the goods to her there, had sent the goods to come to my house near here, she was just a way station, the results of her station, she actually said no statute of limitations, not necessarily when to send me. At that time I said nothing, and then a car at noon, she said, give me a delivery. In the afternoon I'm going to pick up her other side (Note: From our side there is much to her, the road to 1 hour or so) I'll call her and ask her goods made up, no hair I went to take, and she said she made to the 18 o'clock side of our house I called and said the logistics site confiscation arrived, I gave her fight, she said she did not in fact shipped, because something big, the car put high, and the promise that made it again today, well, she lied to me for lunch, I put up the results today I call again, she has not sent, and very, very bad attitude a little, and finally I asked her who she was, She actually said she was not CCES staff, very reasonable! In the evening, call to come back, is a man to fight, come to ask me, "Your cargo, is to pick your own, or I sent you?" I had to wonder, did they took another logistics company money, do not give a delivery? I said "Do you want to send send, do not want to give back to give me." The results of people to the sentence, "I'll give you that put it out." And then threw the phone. Ultimately did not send me back! What is their attitude towards this in the end? So is the service industry still? ? ? Call Headquarters, not to answer, not to deal with, all the time Helenians grandson of money, the money received, and our consumers as grandchildren 啦 ~ hey ~.
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