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Shanghai Post Express Logistics Cooperation with China Cargo Airlines
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This morning, the Shanghai Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. and China Cargo Airlines strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony held in Shanghai, marking the two sides began comprehensive, multi-field, deep-level cooperation. It is understood that the Shanghai Post Express Post Logistics Co., Ltd. based on a century of brand reputation, all over the country's implementation of network resources and postal logistics, information flow, capital flow "third one" advantage, will further expand the market in the extension of Cargo capacity , accelerate the transformation of the structure to provide strong support for the goods. The China Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. During the year, will be completed with the Cargo Great Wall Airlines integrating China Cargo will use our own network advantages and locational advantages, the Shanghai Post Express Logistics Air Logistics services for international and domestic routes, freighters, Air passenger aircraft belly space capacity and other resources and better policy resources.
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