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Content sheds high speed to develop Henan to standardize content shedding to add
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Yesterday, always invest the 200 million yuan of RMBs, Henan that covers an area of many mus 200 to pleased sharp edge content sheds limited company official start business. Content of Henan province traffic sheds association a controller expresses, content of comfort sharp edge flows become me to save the 1235th standardization content to shed a business.

Shed association to concern personage introduction according to traffic content, alleged standardization content sheds a business, the current level of its industry is storage area achieves 100 mus of above, have inside complete province limits deserve to send a network, employee is in 200 people above, the administrative system that there is science in freightage process. After swift and violent development of a few years, I save standardization content to shed an enterprise to go to 1235 of present by a few original development.

The reporter understands in interview, the situation with advantageous Henan and huge demand attracted domestic and international personage to invest content to shed a business. Include confederative, Dui Hao, TNT and UPS inside content of 4 big international sheds a tycoon to develop business in Henan already, and it is early 3 years ago, confederative, Dui Hao, TNT already created a company in Henan, and golden elephant, long, each content such as Yu Xin sheds a brand to also had cried noisy in Central Plains.

The doorsill that standardizes content to shed a business at present has had very big rise, content sheds the Yu Feng of Xin Liang photograph not only realized Zhengzhou urban district " enclothe completely " , realized complete province limits at the same time " without blind area " . Practice beginning, achieve city a small local branch many 20, provincial branch 40, to undertake dogging to goods, this company is one-time invest 5 million yuan, for car mount GPS system. Content of comfort sharp edge sheds general manager Liu Jianli to say, strive for inside the shortest time, the join passageway of get through and railroad harbor, highway harbor, airport, waterborne harbor, proper implementation network is not had seam enclothe, strive to make the thing that makes provincial and banner omnibus unifinication shed a business.

Henan saves traffic content to shed association to say about the personage, element has " hinterland of a poetic name of China, 10 provinces are connected thoroughfare " praise Henan, be in the hub position of big cross of gold of our country traffic, and Henan content sheds course of study to lying the center of traffic main artery, the every time that Chinese economy high speed grows shakes, what all without exception is affecting content to shed the world is pulsatile. Open the building of the highway as Zheng, formed it is a center with Zhengzhou, central Plains city group attach most importance to a dot, extent content sheds hub, integrated content to shed garden area and professional other people to shed a center to shed network system for the modern other people that prop up. 2010, modern other people sheds course of study to will be formed in Henan " a center encircles a layer 3 times " , " 5 extent content sheds a key position " , " other people of 8 kinds of industries sheds development focal point " ;2020 year, content sheds course of study to will make the pillar trade that Henan economy expands. (King brave Wang Lufeng)
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