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Xie Xiangchun
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Leaf auspicious spring

Main composing: Was in 1.2005 years in September " civil aviaton management " the magazine is published " executive brand strategy, advance implementation of civil aviaton express to span type develops " one article. 2, was in 1991 " civil aviaton management studies " publish " the choose that takes person with ability of civil aviaton government seriously, use, education " one article, this article and parted 1998 selected " China carries a system integratedly to develop whole book " and " the China that moves toward 21 centuries -- Chinese reform and development Wen Jian " . 3, was in 2002 " civil aviaton management " publish " the development that values handsome appearance of civil aviaton business management " .
Expert introduction:

Xie Xiangchun, male, the birth date: 1952. 6, native place: Be stupefied    ?
The individual learns working resume:
1973. 2 - 1976.1 Sichuan save wholesome cadre to run an institute
1991. 3 - Party school of 1991.7 Central Committee of Communist Party of Chinas (school of national office branch)
1999. 9 - graduate school of 2001.7 Sichuan college
1972. 12 - management board of Chengdu of 1987.6 civil aviaton has successively held the posts of assistant, a secretary in charge of sth, deputy director general
1987. 7 - 2002.2 China southwest airline has successively held the posts of vice secretary of Party committee of section chief, manager, company, discipline appoint secretary
2002. 10 - 2003.6
Secretary of Party committee of company of southwest of China International aviation, vise general manager
2003. 7 - up to now civil aviaton express is finite liability company director, general manager
Main job place obtains honor:
1, in Chinese southwest airline assumes Party committee vice secretary, period appoint during the secretary, in January 2002, by ministry of occurrences in human life of the China Disciplinary Commission, country, country censorial ministry grants be careful in one's conduct of record of “ whole nation honorary title of ” of censorial system advanced worker, enjoy treatment of model worker of the class that visit a department.
2, in civil aviaton express finite liability company holds the post of general manager during, be promoted by Chinese company culture organizing committee of choose of brand of 10 large force judges quality of newspaper office of company of meeting, China, China and brand magazine, China to build ” of 10 old prominent entrepreneur for brand of “2004 year China.

3, in September 2005, have the honor to win handler of world of “ Meng Daier to accomplish award ” .

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