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Regnal article
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Regnal article

Main composing: " supply level of chain government technological process " (interpret is noted) ; " Chinese content sheds the current situation to analyse " (flower)
Expert introduction:

Economics doctor, institute of government of Beijing University brilliance is postdoctoral. Hold the post of China content shedding and purchase content of federation, China to shed institutional deputy secretary-general. Hold the United States part-time to supply catenary to run professional association (content of former United States sheds administrative institute) be stationed in Chinese delegate to be in chief delegate, China round-table meeting secretary-general, hold the position of integrated development academy at the same time (Chinese • Shenzhen) content shedding and supply director of chain management research center, chinese content sheds institutional deputy secretary-general, shenzhen municipal government is decision-making advisory committee committee member, visiting professor of Beijing traffic college. Doctor of <br> regnal article establishs the United States to supply catenary to manage round-table branch of professional association China at was being initiated 2002, allowed to be stationed in Chinese chief delegate 2003, doctoral paper award is held part-time to evaluate committee member of committee committee member, educational strategy committee since 2005. He ever hind to American Stanford university, bright Buddhist nun Su Da university, Belgian Antwerp university visits study. The content that doctor of <br> regnal article precedes the United States flows with supply chain management technique and resource to introduce China, with China content shedding practice is united in wedlock, in content content of abortive trade policy, extent sheds program, content to shed an enterprise to develop the strategy and enterprise to supply catenary to recombined a domain to fetch substantial gain. Of his compose " Chinese content sheds the current situation to analyse " make the authoritative work that discusses Chinese content to flow in the round with English at present, supply chain government institute to be published in the United States by the United States; The authoritative level that the thing that regnal article doctor manages an interpreter flows and supplies catenary government - " supply level of chain government technological process " Chinese edition also has been finished, publish by Tsinghua university press. Doctor of <br> regnal article ever was American California on invitation university of Luo Na of Qiao Zhiya technical institute of college of industry of Berkeley university, Hong Kong grain, United States, Italy dimension, Tsinghua university, Beijing University, Beijing.

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