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Olympic Games business chance closes to content sheds industry government inform
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News of Chinese oil network: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, each country expedites member of athlete, delegacy and media reporter to make an appointment with 200 thousand person, need is carried, the equipment of game of provide for oneself of memory is as high as many 100; to be behind group of giant delegacy, media and match team, still have about a hundred 10 thousand people's more giant even sightseeing group and group of boost the morale of... end to final Olympic Games from construction of original Olympic Games place, whole process needs department of huge matter fluid to prop up, of Beijing Olympic Games hold the content that is our country undoubtedly to shed estate development to expand bring once in a blue moon business chance, also make the content of our country sheds course of study to face unprecedented challenge at the same time.

Traditional content flows to be regarded normally is " logistics guarantees a system " . To Everyman, it seems that the concept that content shedding is a big remover. The implication that actually content sorts is far more than these. Take an Olympic Games to tell, the supply that content shedding system is whole to a of Olympic Games goods and materials process chain management, from build, refurnish arrives reclaim.

Olympic Games economy is ecbolic huge matter sheds the market, information, carry, storage, inventory, assemble and unassemble carry and pack a kind of when wait for content to shed an activity to rise integratedly new-style modern other people to shed compositive type management, shed information to have science government to content, make content sheds speed to accelerate thereby, the accuracy rate that runs use machine rises, inventory decreases, cost is reduced, improve quality, provide first-class service for the client.

As policy unlock, more and more content that cross a state shed a company to use sth resembling a net of advanced content drift net to pervade Chinese market, and domestic other people sheds an enterprise to because informatization is backward, artificial,repeat a series of questions such as the operation however, content shedding cost is one times of transnational corporation almost. 2008, total cost of content shedding trade is added fast accelerate further, average gain drops quickly. So, how to control content to spread cost, building efficient content fluid is, service at resembling the Olympic Games Where is such major activity? The expert thinks generally, informatization management is a more feasible method.

Investigation makes clear, content sheds charge to be as high as 63% in the fee scale of whole production and current domain, the proportion that the content of our country sheds cost to be occupied in the place in sale is even high. In the price and the market that serve final hasten to be the same as, content shedding company is integrated the discretion of competition ability, will depend on greatly the enterprise deserves to send in goods, the real benefit that the built-in control level of management of the respect such as order government can bring. Upgrade ceaselessly as what the market competes, the linchpin that the enterprise builds competitive dominant position should by managing raw material " fountainhead of the first profit " , improve labor productivity " fountainhead of the 2nd profit " , turn to those who build efficient content to shed a system " fountainhead of the 3rd profit " .
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