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Mobile " substance is current " borrow RFID to find breakthrough foreground ligh
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Modern other people sheds a business in, how effective go inpour of content shedding, capital shedding, cash 3 shed syncretic, content of solid on smooth iformation flow foundation merchandise on hand and the flow with carriage safe and accurate, seasonable, efficient tool, reduce content to spread cost thereby, raising pipeline level and service level is the objective that each enterprise pursues. Now, "Mobile substance is current " the thing that generation and application can make efficient science for us probably sheds the platform, answer that solves existent problem to provide a satisfaction.

   Trade current situation

At present content sheds an industry to be in the work environment that bar code scans, basically use data to collect implement (check machine or cling to gun) , wait for large supermarket like Pak&save of Woolworth of American Wo Erma, Australia, New Zealand, Warehouse, sell the kinds or types of goods of field check. Adoption brand is Symbol more, CASIO, denso, intermec, the equipment provider such as Unitech. Application of bar code scanning also is in of like a raging fire spread out, recently, cost of company of domestic some express delivery purchases the act that purchases terminal of 30 thousand scanning 200 million yuan we can see, terminal of bar code scanning sheds the importance of the industry to content.

Because the mobile phone is the main tool that realizes speech and short message, in the systematic application that is in business of a lot of express, business personnel uses means of SMS of mobile phone short message to finish attemper the job of announcement and feedback, use at the same time cling to gun (data is collected implement) will finish goods take the job that accepts feedback of the check the number of that reach check. The out worker is in pull close and send when, need to be carried at the same time cling to gun and mobile phone complete work, this reduced operation efficiency of the out worker greatly not only, also increased content to spread the investment of express business and time cost.

Accordingly, be united in wedlock cling to the characteristic of gun and mobile phone, in content popularity course of study puts forward data to collect a solution to use those who become future the trend. Domestic smartphone represents Topod, before regarding as " alarm Wu is connected " " city canal is connected " applied delegate, can saying is mobile content of current application terminal not 2 person selected.

   Mobile " substance is current " horizontal sky is born

Be based on technology of wireless communication of GPS/GIS technology and GSM, mobile " substance is current " it is system of location of satellite of collect whole world (GPS) , geographical information system (GIS) , wireless communication (GSM) , mobile position serves (MPS) and guard against theft of car safety, goods, personnel attempers wait for a technology the system of general management of soft, hardware at an organic whole, implementation deserves to send personnel, content to shed car, content to shed goods to content shedding dog, attemper, supervise, historical record inquiry, call the police wait for a variety of utility.
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