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Content of one billion three hundred and forty-five million two hundred and nine
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The Olympic Games content of huge amount spreads demand and shed an enterprise to feel excited without the thing that allows a capital

" Chinese trade " reporter Qi Peng / civil

BOCOG is forecasted, as a giant industry, content of Beijing Olympic Games sheds demand to predict many yuan to will have 400. From place of original Olympic Games construction ends to final Olympic Games, need huge matter to shed a system to prop up. Match around place needs equipment, sporting goods carry, store, pack, information processing, and even the contact of numerous personnel, give what travel, travel reachs consumable to deserve to send wait to belong to content to shed limits.

BOCOG content sheds approach of ministry undersecretary Li Yan to ever was analysed, the Olympic Games will shed course of study to bring the business chance of 3 big fields for content: It is the construction that many urban infrastructure construction and place construction cause content sheds; 2 it is extensive staff the demand that arrival serves to the city increases cause service other people to shed; 3 be move around large-scale match and generation checks to surpass a thing to flow in great quantities before contest.

But, the Olympic Games content of huge amount spreads demand and feel excited without the company that allows a capital. Rose on July 1, 2008, beijing is restricted to go to yellow sign car;2008 year since July 20, beijing executes only even numbers to be restricted to go. Suffer this policy to affect the biggest is a capital large quantities of each hair markets. "Can come home came home, the limitation to car is very much during the Olympic Games, we carry at all do not come goods. So, want person of one or two staying behind to look at shop only, someone else can have a holiday only. " a store manager that does ceramic tile business tells 10 lis of rivers of Beijing the reporter, "Goods cannot be sent normally during the Olympic Games, and the 2-3 that freight tower above goes times, so this business would rather be not done. So this business would rather be not done..

The reporter discovers when visitting terminal market of building materials of Beijing winebibber bridge, as a result of the limitation that is carried by car, a lot of storefront already close a business, the inn doorway butcher that does not have close a business people or of in threes and fours chat, or the repose that close eye, the market with so big in a word comes without a few people patronage. "Be in Beijing, people can pick conjugal day during the Olympic Games, the graph is auspicious. But very few somebody decorate house choosing to be nodded in this time, the reason wants material to do not have material namely, should carry did not carry. " the place the boss of inn of some building materials tells a reporter so.

It is terminal market not only, of the capital sell field and supermarket to also be affected by the carriage during the Olympic Games. Beijing Yi Chulian flower deserves to send some controller to express: "During the Olympic Games, of kinds or types of goods deserve to send compare really difficulty is great before. But, after all all sell a metropolis to face this problem, we had adjusted the job that deserves to send time, for instance nightwork. For instance nightwork..
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