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Construction of place of car of outfit of countrywide railroad strategy is advan
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On August 18, as railroad another strategy holds car place---Strategy of fine of land of Kunming railroad bureau installs a car to nod investment to use, farmer of land fine county and product of many 60 industry had efficient carriage platform. Up to by July, whole region already built 444 strategies to hold car place, enclothed major colliery, haven, refinery, steelworks to wait send the drop of car loading operation with larger amount.

Railroad strategy installs a car to nod construction to begin from 2006, current, already built a batch of systems assembling a car that own intelligence to change, high capacity store the place of strategic outfit car of the exercise method that ability and efficient dimensions change, can center memory, entire line assembles a car, entire line sends a car, raised whole region effectively freightage efficiency.

Increase transport power resource newly transport power to install a car to order declining requirement to the strategy especially according to the railway ministry, formulate of each railroad bureau place of strategic outfit car builds a program, advance the strategy to install a car to order construction in the round. Zhengzhou railroad bureau holds harmonious meeting every months, strategy of seasonable thrash out installs a car to select the issue that in building a course, appears, ensure its on time start working construction. Hold car place to the strategy that already built, this bureau from " carriage organization of organization of daily supply of goods, requirement of the time that assemble a car, engine, car operation organization " wait for a respect to refine carriage organization measure.

Railroad strategy installs car place to enhance sale of supply of goods external, dig carriage latent capacity internally, in add carry to fill advantage of the play in owing. 10 thousand tons of fountainhead hold line of big the Qin Dynasty of Taiyuan railroad bureau the station stands newly greatly, play strategy installs a car to nod carriage dominant position, catch good coal source, carry join the job, enhance sale of supply of goods, make volume of goods of line of big the Qin Dynasty connects innovation tall. Arrived 17 days on August 1, this station installs a car to finish 47838 cars, send coal 3.579 million tons, achieve record of station history the corresponding period. Car of 8 strategies outfit nodded Lanzhou railroad bureau to release the carriage ability of this bureau further, rose to carry efficiency, came on January 1 on July 31, day all opens 22.5 to arrive directly at train all right, send goods to grow 120% above compared to the same period, occupy global goods to send the 30% above of the quantity, each carriage index all achieves the history new tall.

On the foundation that outputs a circumstance to undertake sufficient survey to circumjacent area goods and materials, the strategic outfit car with reasonable new construction orders railroad concerned unit, make supply of goods install car place to draw close to the strategy. According to area of Guangdong, Hunan small mill of small plant small mine is more, freight phase is real to what disperse, guangzhou railroad (group) the company is in add build 4 strategies such as iron ore of pond of celestial being of along the line of An Mei Shan to install while the car is nodded, close armistice to install a car to order business of freight of stage of hidebound of the exercise inside radiation limits slightly. Since this year, lanzhou bureau already was planning on the foundation that car of 12 strategies outfit nods, planned again place of car of 9 strategies outfit, the exploration that already completed earlier stage at present survey and argumentation work, predict to there will be 4 strategies to assemble a car by October the dot completes time limit for a project and investment is run.
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