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Shenzhen content flows, go before music is eclectic
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2008, to content shedding enterprise, a year be stand the test, also be a very difficult year. In be interviewed to what a few content shed a business we discover, shed the occurrence of the enterprise to now from the first batch of content, they grow below big environment of reforming and opening, different difficulty was encountered in different level. And will look from some kind of meaning, the problem of each phase, it is the footmark that content shedding industry progresses.

Since Shenzhen builds city, in time of nearly 30 years, the small town of a borderland of former Baoan county is in of sea of reforming and opening aid push next high speed development to become an internationalization city, "Shenzhen speed " stun world for a time.

Shenzhen is located in the forward position of Pearl River delta, join Hong Kong and inland, it is Hua Na's coastal and significant traffic key position. Shenzhen relies on advantaged geographical advantage, become the city with our country most port quickly, reside the world firmly for years port of the 4th big container. As each of big port enlightened use, the distance that regards our country south as research and development of important new and high technology and the Shenzhen of production base and world shortens gradually, especially what content spreads a trade is arisen, send the connection that intensified China and outside more.

1980, after Shenzhen establishs a special economic zone, the favourable policy that depends on a country, cheap land and labor natural resources were attracted one large quantities of " 3 will fill " of the enterprise garrison. Meanwhile, of all kinds manufacturing industry also begins to be in Shenzhen rooted and gemmiparous. Such as Kang Jia, fly inferior amount to, China to wait for large and industrial company, be the enterprise that 80 time of 20 centuries are born in Shenzhen. However, the Shenzhen of initial stage of reforming and opening, its infrastructure can not satisfy goods of large quantities of imports and exports to be opposite the requirement of establishment of form a complete set. To make goods and materials current and smooth, shenzhen municipal government begins to increase the construction of haven, dock, railroad, highway and airport, for goods and materials current offerred traffic condition. Right now, the matter that basically pursues freightage sheds an enterprise to appear slowly, content sheds course of study to begin to become a chariot of charge forward of reforming and opening.

Through development of a few years, shenzhen built saline harbor and Shekou port stage by stage two big haven. 1992, shenzhen forms the structure of haven of thing both wings, content shed course of study to also had had abecedarian development. The country after Jiashangzhi gives aid to energetically to what content sheds line of business and guide, the goods generation, boat generation and trailer enterprise related to content shedding is increasing, formed certain dimensions.
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